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  • Talent recruitment

    Due to the need of the company production and operation, for social recruitment operation positions. Now the matters related to notice the following:

    A, recruiters, and hiring the work site, recruiting positions

    Recruiters work for Qingdao Jin Hongfeng co., LTD., location of shenyang hetao industrial park in Qingdao.

    Hiring and recruiting positions: day Turner 6 people, rigger 5 people, maintenance electrician 5 people

    Second, the recruitment conditions

    1. The ideological and political quality is high, has the strong sense of responsibility and organizational discipline.

    2. Intermediate class and above technical level. Day Turner, rigger must have high school or above, major in maintenance electrician must have a college degree and above.

    3. 2 years or above working experience in this position, hold a special operation related operation certificate.

    Under the age of 4.30, in good health.

    Third, the hiring process

    1. Application: every eligible for applying, have to apply for the will of the people, hold him to apply for application, resume (handwritten) and degree, id original and photocopy, the former to the human resources department personnel office for registration.

    2. Test: qualified through examination to apply for personnel recruitment, make a comprehensive assessment.

    3. Hire: after test, merit-based according to the evaluation results.

    Consultation telephone: + 86-97922157 (hr) 0532-87921818

    The human resources department