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  • About Us

    The JinHongFeng Accurate Manufacturing Co, Ltd Was created in 2002, lies in the HeTao industrial Zone of Chengyang district of Qingdao .Close to Liuting International Airport in the Jiqing expressway in the Innorth. Border on Qingdao in the east and flow in the International airport of the pavilion,Jiaozhou Bay expressway in thesouth , the traffic is very convenient.
      There are 50 staff now in our company, among them the number of senior engineer is 1, the engineer is 3, 10 professional and technical personnels. Our company specializes in specialized factories of different  high pressyre pipefittings such as three direct links, Stone , elbow , flange. There are 630T1 press , 5 300T presses , 160T 1 puncher , 100T 1 puncher , a dozen 80T , 63T Puncher now , highfrequency  heating furnaces , box electric stove , throwing one for a machine , unloading machine, our company also has rich mould working ability and technology at the same time. Import  machining center import  sets of numerical control, the line cuts one , 1 ordinary lathe.
      In addition, there are the cold-drawing machine and some desk--top stoves in the company,can produce the steel, cold-drawing garden of one of stainless steel and six angle steel . The company follows the"honest , innovates" enterprise idea , the quality product offering the bottom price to customer constantly is the goal that our company is pursuing constantly , the company welcomes the old and new friends of all circles to circles of all circles to condescend to condescend to inquire at the same time!